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Salt Precipitation

Salt self-enhancing

and water films conductivity

Crystal Growth

Understanding the fundamentals of

crystal growth and dissolution 

Improving models to predict diagenesis and reservoir quality.

Knowledge gaps:
Scaling up reservoir quality parameters (porosity and permeability) from micro to macro scale both spatially and temporally 

Fluid Characterization
Focus on Phase Equilibria and Thermo-physical Properties of Complex Fluids

Understanding of phase equilibria and fluid mixture properties is vital for designing and simulating different physical processes in number of fields such as petroleum industry

Crystal Growth and Dissolution
Rates of mineral and glass dissolution and growth

Understanding rates of mineral dissolution and growth is of large value in a range of systems of both academic and industrial interest. 

CCS (carbon capture and storage)
SUCCESS Centre - Subsurface CO2 storage

CO2 sequestration is an important and necessary step to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).


Welcome to the Virtual Group for Earth Energy and Environment Research

The group is an interdisciplinary group aimed at bridging research across institutional and national boundaries. We aim at bringing leading researchers in the field of Earth Energy and Environment Research together in a common virtual environment facilitating increased collaborations.